X-Sensing 2019

Cross-disciplinary conference on scientific analytics.

September 23 - 27, Coffs Harbour, Australia.



Office Chief Scientist SCU



The X-Sensing Meeting

The 'cross-sensing' meeting aims to unite scientists, coders and educators from diverse fields to share knowledge, develop new research tools and build compelling science communication resources.

Disciplines such as astronomy, biology, ecology and archaeology all face 'big data' challenges. This meeting will focus on computing techniques, algorithms and web-services that can be used to explore data, visualise results and increase productivity. Each field brings unique perspectives so opportunities for cross-pollination will result in advances in new directions and greater efficiency to solve current problems.

Through talks, tutorials, unconference sessions and hack days, participants will gain new coding skills, learn about state-of-the-art algorithms and develop new research tools. The meeting will help build a dynamic community of local and international scientists with the skills to leverage the power of artificial intelligence and the internet to measure the world around us.